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Plants Will Thrive #IYPH2020 - a song about the challenge to produce crops with no pesticides

Listen to this beautiful and inspiring song in honour of the International Year of Plant Health:
Plants Will Thrive #IYPH2020
- a song about the challenge to produce crops with no pesticides.

From Cindy E. MORRIS, Senior Scientist / Research Director, INRAE:
"On the Idea-Board at the 2019 APS meeting in Cleveland, someone wrote that we need a song about plant health for the IYPH. That challenge spoke to me. I hope that you will enjoy the result - and that the amateur skills of the author do not outweigh the potential utility of this film as a communication tool for inspiring interest in plant health and pushing forward ecological ways to manage plant health."

Listen to the song:


International Year of Plant Health, #IYPH2020

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Announcement: New Book, December 2019

Biological Control in Latin America and the Caribbean
Edited by Joop C. van Lenteren, Vanda H.P. Bueno, M. Gabriela Luna and Yelitza C. Colmenarez, December 2019.
Written mainly by IOBC NTRS authors. Get more information and description.

The book can be ordered in the CABI bookshop:

IOBC members are invited to use the code CCIOBC20 for a 20% discount when purchasing copies for individual use only. This discount is available until the end of December 2020.

blank Biological Control in Latin America and the Caribbean

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IOBC-Global Newsletter Issue 106, Dec. 2019

In this edition:

  • President's Column
  • IOBC-Global Committee Elections, candidates
  • General Assembly, changes to Statutes & Bylaws
  • Feature article: First report of Zygogramma bicolorata on Parthenium hysterophorus in Sri Lanka
  • Report on IUBS General Assembly
  • Working Group Reports, Weed biocontrol: towards a Global WG
  • and more...

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blank IOBC-Global Newsletter

IOBC-Global Newsletter contributions, ideas, comments:

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IOBC-WPRS Council-Convenor Meeting, 29.11.-01.12.2019 in Belgrade, Serbia

We had a great time in Belgrade with great people, inspring discussions, fruitful brainstormings and lots of fun!

More information: Programme, Convenor Activity Reports, Presentations, Photos and Video

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IOBC-WPRS Bulletin, Vol. 147, 2019

Working Group "Integrated Control in Protected Crops, Mediterranean Climate" Proceedings of the 14th Meeting: "Pest control in Mediterranean greenhouses under the pressure of climate change and invasive species", Lisbon (Portugal), 04-07 September, 2018.
Edited by Elisabete Figueiredo and Carmelo Rapisarda.
ISBN 978-92-9067-332-3 [IX + 162 pp].

Download ePublication: IOBC-WPRS Bulletin Vol. 147, 2019

blank IOBC-WPRS Bulletin, Vol. 147, 2019

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Updated IP Guidelines: Arable Crops

Crop Specific Technical Guidelines for Integrated Production of Arable Crops, Winter cereals, Spring cereals, Oil seed rape, Sugar beets, Potatoes, Dry Leguminosae (peas, faba beans, lupins, lentils), Soybeans, Maize, Sorghum, Sunflowers, Alpha-alpha, Fodder crops (ley-grass, grass/clover-mixtures, clovers)
IOBC-WPRS Commission IP Guidelines
Edited by: Bärbel Gerowitt, Carlo Malavolta, Frank Wijnands*) (IP-commission-members)
Sabine Andert, Harm Brinks, Marc Delos, Lise Nistrup-Jørgensen, Jozsef Kiss, Mark Ramsden (IOBC-arable experts)
2nd edition, 2019

Download ePublication: IP Guidelines Arable Crops

blank Crop Specific Technical Guidelines for Integrated Production of Stone Fruits, 5th edition, 2019

*) This edition honours our colleague and friend Frank Wijnands who passed away during the preparations in March 2019.

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BioControl - New Issue

BioControl, Volume 64, Issue 6, December 2019 is now available!
ISSN: 1386-6141 (Print) 1573-8248 (Online)

Table and Contents:

blank BioControl

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Make a Difference: Support IOBC-WPRS and Donate

Help students and young researchers from all over the world to join the IOBC workshops.
Your financial support is highly appreciated and helps us to continue in our mission.

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IOBC: History of the First 50 Years (1956-2006)

International Organization for Biological Control of Noxious Animals and Plants: History of the First 50 Years (1956-2006).
Boller, E.F., J.C. van Lenteren and V. Delucchi (eds.), 2006, IOBC, Zürich
ISBN: 92-9067-194-5 [ 287 pp.]

The book has now been digitalized. Enjoy reading, browsing through old photos and memories of bygone times!

Download free ePublication: IOBC History Book (1956-2006)

blank IOBC Book: History of the first 50 Years, 1956-2006

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IOBC-WPRS Convenors: Important Update!

The Convenor's Handbook has been updated on 6 April 2018. The handbook is intended to serve as an information manual and guideline for all Working and Study Group Convenors with regard to their responsibilities, e.g.

  • Financial resouces
  • Administrative duties
  • Organisation of WG meetings and publication of IOBC-WPRS Bulletins

Check out the most recent version of the Convenor's Handbook
(restricted access, for IOBC-WPRS Council Members and Convenors only,

blank Convenor's Handbook

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