New resources on IPM and low impact farming

Information on IPM and testimonies of motivated farmers posted on PAN Europe website

Building on the IPM exhibit "Working with Nature" it co-constructed with IBMA and IOBC-WPRS in 2015, PAN Europe has put together additional technical information on a new website dedicated to low impact farming. The material includes short technical videos presenting the main posters, as well as testimonies of farmers (in arable crops as well as apple and grape production) on their experience with IPM.

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blank Brochure/Poster: IPM - working with nature

Brochure/Poster: IPM - working with nature


Since 2015, the original exhibit has been presented by several bodies of the European Commission (Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development, DG for Health and Food Safety, DG for the Environment) as well as the Belgium Federal ministry for Health, Food Safety and the Environment, COPA-COGECA and other European organizations. It has also been presented at the occasion of the yearly symposia on IPM co-organized by IBMA, PAN-Europe and IOBC-WPRS in Brussels. This was the case at the occasion of the 5th symposium, entitled "Unlocking the IPM triangle", in which IOBC-WPRS was represented by Prof. Carlo Duso (Convenor of the Working Group "Integrated Protection in Viticulture"): IPM in grapes: science meets the challenge - Presentation of the grape posters (Insects and Pathogens).

4th Symposium "Feeding Europe while reducing pesticide dependency", European Parliament, 19 November 2015, Brussels, Belgium
Organized by: IOBC-WPRS, IBMA, Greenpeace, PAN Europe, Euro Coop
Hosted by: Pavel Poc, Member of the European Parliament
Fourth edition of the Symposium on the implementation of the Directive on sustainable use of pesticides (SUD; Dir. 128/2009)

Presentations @IBMA-Global Website:

IPM – working with nature
IOBC-WPRS, IBMA and PAN-Europe wish to illustrate what Integrated Pest Management (IPM) means, and how the Sustainable Use Directive can be implemented.