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Job opportunity for a post-doctoral researcher, biocontrol of weeds, in Hawaii. Hurry up and apply by August 15!IPIF ENTOMOLOGIST / RESEARCHER
Pacific Cooperative Studies Unit

Biocontrol of weeds position in Hawaii, apply by August 15!

This is an opportunity for a post-doctoral researcher working in biocontrol of weeds, based in Hilo, Hawaii. For more info and to apply, please direct inquiries to Tracy Johnson ( Thanks!


Regular, Full-Time, RCUH Non-Civil Service position with the Pacific Cooperative Studies Unit (PCSU), located in the Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry (IPIF), Pacific Southwest Research Station, USDA Forest Service, Hilo, Hawai'i. Continuation of employment is dependent upon program/operational needs, satisfactory work performance, availability of funds, and compliance with applicable Federal/State laws.

Designs and performs research developing biological control as a tool for long term management of invasive Albizia in Hawaiian forests. Provides information critical for determining suitability of selected natural enemies of Albizia for future introduction to Hawai'i as biological control agents. Conducts field research in countries where Albizia is native.


  1. Hosts specificity testing of insect agents for Falcataria moluccana (albizia) and related species. Use specialized experience in the field of insect-plant interactions to identify, evaluate, and implement appropriate research and analytical procedures. Testing will begin in their native habitats and then continue in the Forest Service's Hawai'i quarantine laboratory.
  2. Rears and documents biology of natural enemies with best potential as biocontrol agents. Natural enemies collected in surveys will be prioritized based on expected host-specificity and impact on target plant, as informed by field observations, biology of related species, and experiences in other biocontrol programs. Develops procedures for successful propagation and testing of natural enemies of Falcataria moluccana. Coordinates research studies of natural enemy biology by partners in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.
  3. Collects and identifies potential biocontrol insects and pathogens in collaboration with partners in the native range (Indonesia, Papua New Guinea). Assists partners and government authorities in securing required permits.
  4. Documents in research publications findings of the life history, host range and impacts of selected natural enemies of Falcataria moluccana, in collaboration with PCSU, Forest Service staff and international cooperators. Presents research findings at scientific and stakeholder meetings as appropriate.


A. Education/Training: PhD from an accredited college or university in Entomology or related discipline.

B.Experience: Three to five (3-5) years of experience conducting weed biocontrol research in field and lab environments. Three to five (3-5) years of experience in ecological field research with diverse tropical insect and plant taxa, and in remote tropical environments. Experience in writing scientific research papers.

C. Knowledge: Knowledge of literature on biocontrol research practices and biocontrol regulations of Hawai'i and USDA. Knowledge of insect rearing techniques and procedures particularly under quarantine. Fully conversant with requirements and data quality control and assurances in preparation of documentation to support application to release biocontrol agents.

D. Abilities and Skills: Ability to travel extensively within Indonesia and Papua New Guinea and collaborate with diverse international research partners. Ability to communicate research techniques and monitor progress of research studies by partners in person and remotely via electronic communications. Must possess a valid driver's license (and if use of personal vehicle on the job is required, must also have valid personal driver's insurance equivalent to Hawai'i's No-Fault Driver's Insurance) and maintain throughout the duration of employment.
Post Offer/Employment Conditions: Must possess the American Red Cross Certification in First Aid/CPR (or be able to obtain and maintain the certificate following the training provided within three (3) months from date of hire and maintain throughout duration of employment). Must complete the online Hazard Communication training immediately after hire or no later than employee's initial exposure to hazardous chemicals.

E. Physical and/or Medical Demands: Ability to hike up to five (5) miles in remote areas and rugged terrain in hot, humid, wet tropical weather conditions. Able to backpack, lift and carry up to thirty (30) pounds unassisted.

F. Policy and/or Regulatory Requirements: As a condition of employment, employee will be subject to all applicable RCUH policies and procedures and, as applicable, subject to University of Hawai'i's and/or business entity's policies and procedures. Violation of RCUH's, UH's, or business entity's policies and/or procedures or applicable State or Federal laws and/or regulations may lead to disciplinary action (including, but not limited to possible termination of employment, personal fines, civil and/or criminal penalties, etc.).


Experience traveling and communicating scientifically among diverse cultures and geographies of Pacific islands and Austral-Asia. Knowledge of Falcataria moluccana ecology and phylogenetic relatives within its native range and in Hawai'i.


Applications due Aug 15, 2018. For more info and to apply, please direct inquiries to Tracy Johnson:


M. Tracy Johnson
Research Entomologist

Forest Service
Pacific Southwest Research Station
Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry

p: 808-967-7122

PO Box 236
Volcano, HI 96785