Supporting Members (350 EURO)

Supporting members are small institutions, libraries, departments and companies. Supporting membership covers all employees of the unit holding the membership.

The benefits of supporting members include:

Supporting members have currently no right to vote in the elections and consultations (article X of IOBC-WPRS statutes).

The minimum fee for Supporting Members is 350 EURO per year (including a supporting membership to IOBC-Global of 50 EURO per year).


Supporting Membership with subscription to "BioControl" (450 EURO)

This includes a subscription to the international journal "BioControl" (paper version) at a substantially reduced prize.
The supporting membership fee with subscription to "BioControl" is 450 EURO per year.


Your IOBC-WPRS membership is valid for 1 year after the payment of the membership and the receipt of the automatically generated access data to the IOBC-WPRS website.
However, the subscription period for the scientific Journal BioControl is the calendar year (Jan.-Dec.), valid from the date of subscription.



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