Short CV of Jürgen Gross

Jürgen Gross is a Senior researcher and Head of the Chemical Ecology/Phytopathology lab at the Julius Kühn-Institut (JKI), Federal Research Centre for Cultivated Plants, Institute for Plant Protection in Fruit Crops and Viticulture, Dossenheim, Germany. He obtained his PhD at the Free University of Berlin in 2001 on research targeting the evolution of volatile chemical defense compounds (allomones) of leaf beetles.
Jürgen and his team investigate interactions between cultural plants, plant pathogenic microorganisms and insects mediated by semiochemicals. They work on pests in fruit crops and viticulture, studying both insect pests and phytopathogenic microbes. The current emphasis is on phytoplasma diseases and their interactions with vectoring insects and host plants. The results of his research are used for targeted manipulations in the context of sustainable control of pest organisms. Moreover, he works on natural compounds produced by insects which bear a potential for the development of new natural pesticides. His work comprises both, fundamental and applied aspects, including laboratory, greenhouse and field trials, behavioral and analytical studies on active compounds and their modes of action.
Since 2005 he is a Board Member of the German Entomological Society (DGaaE). He was the President of the International Society for Pest Information (ISPI) from 2009-2012. He is Subject Editor for the Journal of Pest Science (Editor-in-Chief from 2005-2007) and for Phytopathogenic Mollicutes. Jürgen is lecturer at the University of Ulm (modules Animal-Plant/Animal-Animal-Interactions and Chemical Ecology). He first joined the IOBC-WPRS WG "Pheromones and other semio-chemicals in integrated production" in 2004 in Baselga de Pine, Italy. He became convenor of this WG in 2012, taking over from Marco Tasin.