Short CV of Pino Angelo Ruiu

Pino Angelo Ruiu, Graduated in Natural Sciences, is the Head of the Service of Cork Technology and Forest Raw Materials and Responsible of Cork-culture in the Cork and Sylviculture Research Department of Tempio Pausania, Italy (Agris Sardegna) (
From 1988 he carried on research activity in the Forest Sector, working both in sylvo-cultural topics (forest management, recovery of declined cork oak stands, relationship wood-grazing in Mediterranean environment, cork oak phenology, mycorrhization of cork oak, phitosanitary problems) and environmental ones (floristic and vegetation investigations).
He is a member of the Co-ordination Office of Sardinia Region Forest Planning and the Cartography referent of Cork and Sylviculture Research Department for Sardinia Region. Responsible of the Experimental Cork Oak Stand of Cusseddu-Miali-Parapinta (Tempio Pausania, Italy), certified FSC no. SA-FM/COC-001436.

Pino Angelo RUIU joined the WG "Integrated Protection in Oak Forests" since its foundation in 1993 and he organized the 6th Meeting of the Group in Tempio Pausania (Sardinia) in 2010.