Induced Resistance in Plants Against Insects and Diseases


The group was initiated in 1998.


In 2001 the first conference of the Working Group was held from 26 to 28 April in Wageningen, The Netherlands.


The conference was attended by about 115 scientists, working on fundamental and applied aspects of IR and IT, from 17 countries. It was the first time that entomologists, phytopathologists and plant physiologists met to discuss the reaction that herbivore arthropods and plant pathogens induce in attacked plants.

The congress was structured into three sessions:

    1. Cross-talk among herbivore- and pathogen-induced signal cascades
    2. Risks and benefits of induced resistance and induced tolerance
    3. General aspects of induced resistance and tolerance

A total of 36 oral contributions and 27 posters covering theses topics were presented. One evening, a workshop was organised with the title “Practical implication of induced resistance / induced tolerance into crop protection programmes: Were are we and were can we go?”

The concept of bringing together entomologists, phytopathologists, as well as plant physiologists proved to be very fruitful and the discussion with colleagues in other, but related, fields of research created many new ideas and laid ground for new links and co-operations.

The results of the working group’s activities are published in bulletins:


induced resistance, biological control, entomology, phytopathology, plant pathogens, insect pests

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