Integrated Protection in Viticulture


The group was set up in 1974. It comprises approximately 120 active scientists.


The activities are organised within 3 subgroups:


The group meets as a whole every two years, whereas the subgroups can meet more frequently depending on the progress made by the participants.
The main research activities concern:

  • Biology of insects
  • Biological and biotechnical control methods
  • Spider mites – sucking insects – predacious mites – host plant interactions
  • Epidemiology of diseases and forecast modelling
  • Side effects of pesticides on beneficials
  • Rational use of herbicides and green covers
  • Biodiversity in viticulture

Watch the video, created as teaser for the Meeting 2019 in Vila Real, Portugal:


Creation of a network to observe and experiment parameters which govern epidemic developments of diseases. Validation of forecast models. Collaboration with ETIC (European Training in Integrated Crop Protection) for technology transfer. Establishment of IOBC guidelines for Integrated Production in viticulture.

The results of the working group’s activities are published in the IOBC-WPRS Bulletin:


viticulture, IPM, guidelines, pests, diseases, natural enemies, epidemiology, forecast, modelisation, side effects of pesticides, weed control, soil management

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