Microbial and Nematode Control of Invertebrate Pests


The group was founded in 1985, in response to a need for a forum for scientists in the field of insect pathology in Europe. It has about 100-120 active members.


The activities of the group are organised within 6 subgroups:


Every second year, a 4-day meeting is organised, generally around a specific topic. The meetings are a mixture between conference and a roundtable discussion, the balance being kept by splitting the group, at least for part of the meeting, into sections fungi, bacteria and viruses, and insect-parasitic nematodes, and by putting additional focus on posters. The group meets also with the sister working group on insect pathogens of IOBC-EPRS. Many insect pathologists participate in other working groups of IOBC-WPRS.


The group has allowed an exchange of information in the field of microbial control of insect pests, has stimulated collaborative research between members of the group and provided information to other more crop and pest oriented IOBC-WPRS working groups on the possibilities of using microbial control in their field of interest. Since 1992, workshops on identification/diagnosis of entomoparasitic nematodes and insect pathogens have been organised within meetings. Contacts between scientists and commercial companies have stimulated development of microbial control agents. Contacts and cooperation between researchers on insect pathogens and insect parasitic nematodes between Eastern and Western Europe have been strengthened.

The results of the working group’s activities are published in bulletins:

The results of the sub-group’s activities are also published in bulletins:


insect pathology, fungi, bacteria, virus, nematode, microbial control

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