The prevention and/or suppression of key pests and diseases should be supported among other options, in particular:

  • Choice of appropriate resistant/tolerant cultivars.
  • Use of methods to reduce the overwintering inoculum of the pathogens as a measure for delaying/reducing the disease epidemics in the next season.
  • Use of biofumigation (i.e. cover crops species producing glucosinolates) against specific pests (e.g. Xiphinema spp.)
  • Sanitation measures, including for instance:
    • Removal of affected bunches from plants, trellis and soil surface, 
    • Removal of affected wood tissue through pruning and curettage techniques,
    • Removal of infected cane residue from soil surface, use the hyperparasite Ampelomyces spp. to reduce the production/viability of the chasmothecia of powdery mildew.
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