When information from large-scale decision support tools (e.g., official warning systems, DSSs) is used, it is strongly recommended to adapt this information to local conditions, by accounting for weather variability, cultivar susceptibility, sanitary status of the vineyard, previous pesticide sprays, etc. 


Scale insects 

Diaspidiotus (=Quadraspidiotus = Comstockaspis) perniciosus (S. José Scale)
Pseudaulacaspis (=Diaspis) pentagona (White Peach Scale)
Pseudococcus comstocki (=Comstock mealybug)

Use of sticky or pheromone traps to detect movements of crawlers or emergence of adults can be used starting on early spring.


Sampling secondary pests with pheromone/kairomone or blue coloured sticky traps if available is recommended (e.g. mealybugs, scales, thrips).

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