A monitoring plan for pests and diseases should be established based on the local experience. Treatments should be based on pest presence/levels and damage thresholds (to be periodically revised) taking in consideration the weather forecast, especially the temperature trend. Strict compliance with the officially established measures to avoid the risk of Xylella fastidiosa entry in new regions has to be a priority in risk assessment and prevention.

Bactrocera oleae (olive fruit fly)

  • Monitoring of the olive fruit fly should start by traps established in late spring and baited with ammonium salts or protein hydrolysates, or using traps with food, sexual and/or visual attractants. The infestation level on the fruits should be recorded.

Closterotomus (Calocoris) trivialis

  • Can locally cause damages when high numbers occur from early emergence of flower buds until the flowering period. Monitoring has to be implemented and when dense populations occur on the trees in the critical period, then sprayings can be applied.
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