Based on the general criteria, the following categorisation of pesticides and pesticide groups is established. It may require up-dating with the development of new products.

Not Permitted

  • Non-naturally occurring plant growth regulators1.
  • Organochlorine insecticides and acaricides.
  • Toxic, water polluting or very persistent herbicides.

Permitted with Restrictions

The following pesticide groups don’t fit in IPM schemes; however, sometimes might be unavoidable. Therefore, restrictions are required (yellow list principle).

  • Insecticides and acaricides with high resistance potential and/or broad- spectrum mode of action such as pyrethroid, organophosphate, neonicotinoid and carbamate.
  • Insecticides: precise indication and maximum number of applications is required.
  • The max of applications of any acaricide group must be set to one application per year.

1: Their use can only be permitted when absolutely necessary. Regional or national IP guidelines must set out which chemicals are permitted, clearly specifying the aim and the restrictions of their use.

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