Botanical pesticides for pests and diseases.


  • Using alternatives to chemical fungicides (avoiding sulphur).

Insect and mites

  • Use of entomopathogenic nematods and fungi (supported by irrigation or with favourable weather conditions).
  • Use of exclusion nets as physical barrier to keep out the orchards Cydia pomonella (this system can decrease the presence of Halyomorpha halys, mainly adults, and reduce damages on apple and pear).


  • Mass trapping or attract and kill could be used as the basic method for control of Ceratitis capitataSynanthedon myopaeformis, etc. wherever possible.


  • Oils and kaolin clay for aphids, Psyllidae and overwintering pests.
  • Halyomorpha halys: use of nets to avoid the entry of the pest and damages on fruits.
  • Soft body insects (e.g.Aphididae) and Tetranychidae: a products with the mechanical mode of action should be used for control it.
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