General Technical & Crop Specific Guidelines for Integrated Production

The overall aim of IOBC-WPRS Guidelines on Integrated Production is to provide inspiration for a consistent and integral application of Integrated Production principles in different production systems. These guidelines offer a framework for the formulation of regional or national guidelines and standards and facilitate harmonization of these concepts and guidelines at an international level.

The IOBC-WPRS IP publications are published by the Commission on IP Guidelines. They are elaborated with the help of the IOBC-WPRS Community notably the members of the different Working and Study groups and/or ad hoc expert panels (see references in the editor lists of each publication). The different publications are updated regularly.

The Commission thanks all members of the IOBC-WPRS Executive Committee and Council for their constructive co-operation and support during the preparation and final approval of IP & IPM web pages.

There are three levels in the guidelines. They belong together and should be considered integrally.

  1. IP Objectives and Principles: Are the framework for Integrated Production. Download: IOBC-WPRS IP Objectives and Principles (pdf), 4th edition, 2018. Edited by: Frank Wijnands, Carlo Malavolta, Aude Alaphilippe, Baerbel Gerowitt and Robert Baur
  2. General Technical Guidelines for IP production of annual and perennial crops: Provides the general agronomic rules and minimum requirements, clearly defined as mandatory to be met by all farmers participating in IP programs. Recommendations are given, whenever needed, to point out optional solutions that go beyond the mandatory minimum and to indicate desirable directions of improvements.
  3. Crop Specific Guidelines: Are prepared on the basis of the IP objectives and the General technical guidelines for IP production and specify the minimum requirements and recommendations in individual crops. The guidelines indicate clear rules to apply them. However, they cannot specify all regional or local aspects. Within the scope given in the guidelines, these aspects should be responsibly taken into account in regional and local applications.

Contacts: Commission on Guidelines for Integrated Production

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