PhD Researcher – Biological pest control with biodiversity in and around greenhouses, Wageningen University & Research (The Netherlands)

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Are you a talented and driven individual interested in biological control of greenhouse pests? Do you want to use your passion for biological control in the greenhouse horticulture sector in interaction with growers and other researchers as a PhD researcher? If so, we have an exciting PhD position available at the Business Unit Greenhouse Horticulture of Wageningen University & Research in Bleiswijk.

The project “Boosting Biocontrol with Biodiversity in and around greenhouse production systems” is financed by the mission driven NWO-KIC programme “Biodiversity and biotic stress in primary production systems”. As a PhD-candidate you will collaborate with other project partners of Leiden University, Utrecht University, Radboud University and InHolland. In this project, we will study how biodiversity in and around greenhouses can contribute to pest management in greenhouse production systems, but also the social barriers as well as possibly viable business implementations to promote nature-inclusive horticultural systems resilient to pests and diseases.

As a PhD candidate at Wageningen University & Research you will be responsible for :

  • field studies to analyze the species complex and abundance of pests and natural enemies in flower mixtures near greenhouses.
  • field and greenhouse studies to understand how biodiversity adjacent to greenhouses; influences the influx of pests and natural enemies into greenhouses (in close collaboration with greenhouse growers and co-funding project partners).
  • laboratory and greenhouse trials to test biodiversity elements such as food, shelter, and banker plants, that support long-term establishment of lacewings and ladybird beetles in greenhouse crops.

The project focuses on both fundamental aspects of biological control and on finding practical biological control solutions for growers. As a PhD candidate you will be supported by an individualized training and supervision plan of the Graduate School for Production Ecology & Resource Conservation.

Application deadline: 27 May 2024

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