13th Conference of the IOBC-WPRS Working Group on “Integrated Protection of Stored Products”

The objective of this conference is to report the advances on the new research technologies and strategies in integrated pest management (IPM) of stored products and food-processing commodities, to prevent damage caused by insects, mites, rodents, birds or fungi, stressing the non-toxic tools of pest prevention, detectionand control. Within the framework of an advanced sustainable food production system, IPM is the primary response for the agro-food industry facing consumer demands of high-quality products while at the sametime addressing environmental, safety and socio-economic issues.
This 13th conference of the IOBC IPSP Working Group will explore the advances in IPSP and discuss newfindings regarding the following topics:

  • Biology of stored product pests and diseases
  • Pest prevention during storage and transportation
  • Biological control
  • Natural products
  • Physical pest control
  • Modified atmospheres
  • Chemical pest control
  • Pest management in food processing

Meeting Website: https://www.iobc-ipsp-bcn2022.com

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