XVI Meeting of the IOBC-WPRS WG “Biological and Integrated Control of Plant Pathogens”

The theme of the conference will be the ‘Biocontrol needs and challenges in future cropping systems’.

We will discuss how biological control can contribute to the future transformation of our food production systems in a changing world. How can we utilize the knowledge on the role of microbiomes in disease suppression and biological control solutions to achieve high resilience to plant diseases in our food crops?

We wish to bring together students, experts, researchers and stakeholders to discuss potential improvements of biological control and its integrated use. We expect approximately 150-200 participants from around de world to attend this meeting and will stimulate contributions of young scientists.

Main Topics:
1. Role of biocontrol in novel resilient cropping systems
2. Biocontrol in climate change
3. Harnessing microbial diversity and shaping microbiomes for resilient crop production
4. Strain evolution and breeding for better biocontrol agents
5. Microbial ecology and population dynamics of biocontrol agents
6. Mechanisms behind plant-microbe interactions and microbial connectivity
7. Product development
8. Integrated use of biocontrol in disease management
9. Economics and risk assessment of future biocontrol solutions
10. Promote acceptance and use of biocontrol products by growers

Website: https://event.wur.nl/iobc_wprs_wur_2023

Download ePublication: IOBC-WPRS Bulletin Vol. 165, 2023 (pdf)

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