IOBC-WPRS WGs “Integrated Control in Protected Crops, Temperate Climate and Mediterranean Climate”

This event is an opportunity to promote research, development, implementation and training of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) systems in protected crops, and to promote cooperation between scientists, advisors and producers working in this field. Scientific presentation and talk will be combined with social events to encourage discussions between participants and to share ideas and knowledge.

The following themes will be addressed at the symposium:

  • New natural enemies, new pests
  • Food supplementation
  • Role of the plant in IPM (induced and/or genetic plant resistance, plant nutrition)
  • Biocontrol:
    • Research impact: adoption rate (% growers using, why, why not, economic approaches)
    • Microbes (biopesticides, biostimulants)
  • IPM and environment (light etc.)
  • Microbiotes around roots, plants or parasites which help plants to defend themselves
  • Phenotypes

Meeting website:

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