PlantBioRes 2023, “Biological induced resistance in plants against pathogens using beneficial microbes and natural substances”, ICPP2023 Satellite Symposium

Biological induced resistance in plants against pathogens and their vectors using beneficial microbes and natural substances: Recent advances and future challenges

Induced immunity and resistance in plants against pathogens and their vectors using beneficial microbes (fungi, bacteria, viruses), natural substances (bacterial metabolites or extracts, plant metabolites or extracts, bio-sourced compounds, etc.), physical stimulation, and allelochemicals, is an ecofriendly biological control strategy that promotes plant health and fits with the current needs for sustainable agriculture. The proposed symposium will focus on the recent advances in agroecological immunity and will target all scientists and actors working or interested by such a concept. Particular attention will be addressed to the recent discoveries regarding cross-protection phenomenon against pathogenic microorganisms threatening plant health and crop production and to the mechanisms underlying plant defense elicitation and priming. The intrinsic and the extrinsic factors affecting the efficacy, the expression, and the sustainability of induced immunity in field conditions will also be considered. The symposium will be organized in several specific sessions (orals, posters, and invited keynotes) dedicated to these topics and related issues. It will be an opportunity to the researchers, agronomists, stakeholders, and industrials concerned by plant induced resistance, and more generally by the agroecological transition in agriculture, to share their recent knowledge and future challenges regarding this topic.

Fore more information, download the PlantBioRes 2023 announcement flyer (pdf)

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