XVII Meeting of the IOBC-WPRS WG “Biological and Integrated Control of Plant Pathogens”

From single microbes to microbiomes targeting One Health

Discussions will centre on how biocontrol of plant diseases could favour not only plant, but also soil, animal, and human health, through the holistic framework of One Health. Plant diseases are increasingly seen as dysbiosis processes, where the holobiont, represented by the plant and its symbiome, move to a healthy status to a diseased one, called pathobiome. Understanding this concept and plant-microbiome interactions will help foster new biocontrol solutions. Biocontrol of plant diseases will be fundamental to address current and future challenges, like climate change, which can be mitigated by developing resilient agricultural systems, or by the Farm to Fork strategy, which provides a concrete instrument to target sustainable crop protection. Besides biocontrol products, more microbial-base products are used in agriculture, like biostimulants, biofertilizers, and plant strengtheners. Biocontrol agents can be not only useful as microbial products, but also as a potential source of natural products, useful in crop protection.

All contributions related to biocontrol of plant diseases are welcome. Dedicated sessions will be organised to discuss research focusing on the use of microbiome-based solutions in disease prevention and control, with emphasis on the One Health approach. Students, experts, researchers, and other stakeholders interested in exploring potential enhancements in biological control and its integrated application are warmly invited to take part. The conference will provide an important opportunity to showcase the latest biocontrol results, and to share and discuss cutting-edge ideas and common challenges. We also encourage attendees to create new networks with a vision to develop future collaborations. We expect around 200 participants from across the globe, and we would like to particularly encourage young scientists to participate.

The meeting will address the following main topics:

  1. Biocontrol for soil, plant, animal, and human health targeting One Health
  2. Biocontrol for resilient cropping systems tackling climate change
  3. Biocontrol of emerging and complex plant diseases
  4. Soil and plant biodiversity: unexplored sources of potential biocontrol agents
  5. Single strains, synthetic consortia, and microbiomes: challenges in characterization, storage, and use
  6. Mechanisms behind microbe-microbe and plant-microbe interactions
  7. Mass production, formulation, and application of biocontrol agents
  8. Industry and academia: a winning partnership for biocontrol product development
  9. Commercial use of microbials for integrated and organic disease management
  10. Legislation, ethics, and socio-economical aspects related to the use of microorganisms in agriculture
  11. Targeting the Farm to Fork approach: consumer, farmer, environment, and policy needs
  12. Biocontrol, biostimulants, biofertilizers and plant strengtheners: growing requests to microorganisms
  13. Plant breeding targeting biocontrol
  14. Beyond cells: microbial products against plant diseases

Download: First circular (pdf)

Meeting website: https://www.iobctorino2025.org

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