Annette HERZ

Annette Herz is a research entomologist at the Institute for Biological Control of the Julius Kühn-Institut (JKI) – Federal Research Centre for Cultivated Plants in Darmstadt, Germany (
Annette started her scientific career working on forest pests and their regulation by natural enemies. After receiving her PhD in forest entomology in 1997, she participated in several EU-funded and national projects on the use of parasitoids, entomopathogenic nematodes as well as pheromones for insect pest control in forestry and agriculture. After working for a short period in the registration of plant protection products for the industry, Annette became teamleader of the group “Beneficial arthropods” at the Institute for Biological Control in Darmstadt in 2008. Her main concern is the conservation, enhancement and application of beneficials, especially parasitic Hymenoptera, for control of insect pests. A collection of several species of the genus Trichogramma, Pteromalidae as well as main parasitoid species of the codling moth are under her supervision and focus of actual studies. Furthermore the development of methods for surveillance and regulation of invasive species like Harmonia axyridis or the box tree pyralid, Diaphania perspectalis, are topics of her current research.
Beside these research activities, Annette is involved in consultation regarding the introduction of new species of beneficials on the German market and also leader of the working group “Beneficial arthropods and entomopathogenic nematodes” of DGaaE/DPG (http://www.dgaae.de

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