Daniela LUPI

Short CV

Daniela Lupi is an Associate Professor in Applied entomology at the Department of food environmental and nutritional sciences of the university of Milan (Italy). She has completed her Phd at Alma Mater studiorum of Bologna (Italy) on the biology of a potential control agent of scale insects. After that she was a post doc fellow at the university of Milan where for 2005 she continued her work as a researcher. In the same period, having the task of giving courses, she was also awarded of the title of Aggregate professor of the same university. She, then became Associate professor in 2019.

Her research activities are mainly focused on the study of the biology and application of several interesting potential control agents for the control of invasive exotic species. Other key research topics are related to the effect of different anthropogenic factors (including phytosanitary products) on beneficial insects, and in particular on honeybees and wild bees.

Since 2019 she is section editor in “Insect ecology” of the Journal of Entomological and Acarological Research and since 2022 Subject editor in “Pollinator Ecology and Management” of the journal Environmental entomology.

Daniela Lupi first joined the IOBC-WPRS Working Group “Landscape Management for Functional Biodiversity” in its first meeting in Bologna (Italy) in 2003 and since 2014 she has been actively involved in the group. Recently she has been the local organizer 9th Meeting of the group at Milan (Italy), 7-10 June, 2022.

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