Jürgen KÖHL

Short CV

Jürgen Köhl is senior plant pathologist at Plant Research International part of Wageningen UR in Wageningen, The Netherlands (https://www.wageningenur.nl/en/Expertise-Services/Research-Institutes/plant-research-international.htm). This private non-profit research institute is specialized in strategic and applied research for industry and public institutions. His business unit develops new strategies and technologies for integrated crop protection, plant health management and ensuring food safety. The key research activities of Jürgen Köhl are in epidemiology and biological control of leaf and fruit diseases. He is involved in national and international projects on biological control of fungal pathogens in pome fruit, vegetables and cereals. This work also includes the development of screening procedures for the selection of new antagonists. He was coordinator of the EU projects BIOSPORSUPPRESS and REPCO, both focusing on biological control of plant pathogens, and currently coordinates the EU project BIOCOMES (www.biocomes.eu) which aims at the development of new biological control products for agriculture and forestry.

He joined the IOBC wprs WG Biological control of fungal and bacterial plant pathogens in 1992. He was member of the local organizing committee of the second WG meeting on Biological control of foliar and post-harvest diseases in Wageningen, The Netherlands, in 1992 and member of a joint management committee of the EFPP WG Biological Control and the IOBC wprs WG for many years. He also attends meetings of the WG Integrated protection of fruit crops – Subgroup Pome fruit diseases – since 2002.

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