Mohammed BESRI

Short CV

Doctor-engineer in Agronomy and Doctor es Sciences in Plant Pathology from the University of Nancy, France. Has also been trained in many other countries in IPM, computer sciences, seed pathology, epidemiology, fungicide resistance, marketing and quality of agro-food products, sustainable horticulture, project planning and management etc…. Professor emeritus at the Hassan II Institute of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine, his responsibilities include teaching and research in Plant pathology and Integrated Diseases management of air , soil borne and post harvest pathogens (Msc. and Ph.D. levels). Has published about 120 papers in international and national journals and books and advised about 93 theses (Msc and PhD).

Expert in Plant Pathology (soil and air borne pathogens), Integrated Production and Protection Management (IPPM) of various crops, particularly vegetables and fruits, alternatives to Methyl Bromide, evaluation of research and teaching activities, evaluation of the impact of education on the agricultural development, implementation and coordination of national and international research projects, pesticides use and distribution etc…

Is consultant for FAO, USAID, UNDP, UNEP (member and co-chair of the Methyl Bromide Technical Option Committee of the United Nations Environment Program = MBTOC UNEP ),, Green peace, FADES, ONUDI, EUROPEAN UNION, World Bank, Inter Academy Council (IAC)… Is a visiting professor to many foreign (American, European, African and Asian) universities. Is also member of various national and international associations.He was Vice President and President of the Arab Society for Plant Protection. Was appointed by the Inter Academy Council (IAC) as member of the international study panel to write a report for the former UN General Secretary, Kofi Anan, on “Realizing the promise and potential of African Agriculture: Science and technology strategies for improving agricultural productivity and food security in Africa” and also as a member of an Ad Hoc Task to follow up the report recommendations.

Has been awarded the medal of National merit by the King Mohamed VI for his contribution to the Moroccan agricultural development.

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