Petros DAMOS

Short CV

Dr. Petros Damos was born in Berlin, where he received his primary education and has a degree in Agronomy [Plant Protection Dep., Aristotle University of Thessaloniki –AUTh, Greece), degree in Pharmacy [Natural Plant Products and Organic pharmaceutical Chemistry Dep., (AUTh)] and degree in Crop Production [Tech.Edu.Inst of Crete, Greece].

Petros received his PhD in ‘Agricultural Entomology’ after studying the bioecology of peach microlepidoptera and their management according to the principles of IFP [Scholar of the Greek State Scholarship Foundation, AUTh]. He holds two M.Sc. degrees, one in ‘Plant Protection’ [studying the bioactivity of terpenoids on pest biology (AUTh)] and one in ”Web Science” [modeling pest population ecological networks and development of information systems], (Mathematics Department, AUTh)]. Additionally, he holds a Postgraduate Diploma Supplementary (D.S.) in Pedagogics and education Science [School of Pedagogical and Technological Education, Greece] and a D.S. in ‘Enology and Viticulture’ [Food Science and Technology Department, AUTh].

Petros, is currently working as a Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Laboratory of Applied Zoology and Parasitlology (AUTh) and as a Scientific Associate at the Department of Agricultural Technology [Tech.Edu. Inst. of Western Macedonia, Greece]. He is Professing Economic Entomology and is supervising several graduate and undergraduate theses, and serves as reviewer in high ranked Journals. Petros has participated in several research projects, publishing a substantial number of scientific works and received numerous postdoctoral scholarships (2010) and awards (2011, 2012).
His latest research interests are focused in the multidisciplinary fields of stochastic modeling of bio-systems, including forecasting of pest phenology and the study of ecological networks.
Additionally, in order to expand the scope of his research on IFP and IPM, for wider and realistic applicability in Agro-Ecosystems, he is member of the Web Science Research Group of the Mathematics Department (AUTh) working on the fields of semantic knowledge representation and pest information systems engineering and precise farming towards Sustainable Agriculture.

Petros joint the IOBC WG “Integrated protection of fruit crops” on 2006 and was elected convenor of the SG “Stone fruit” on 2012. Petros speaks German, English, French and Greek and enjoying networking and collaborating with scientist throughout the world.

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