Victor FLORS

Short CV

Victor Flors was graduated in Biochemistry by the University of Valencia (Spain) and and Dr in Chemistry by the Universitat Jaume I (Spain). He specialized in chemicals inducing resistance in plants against diseases. He started working in the synthesis of chemicals activating the plant immune responses. After a postdoc at the university of Neuchatel (Switzerland) he focused his research career in induced resistance and defense priming. In 2011 he got a permanent position at the Universitat Jaume I and in 2015 he became PI of the research group Metabolic Integration and Cell Signaling ( His recent research interest is focused in deciphering starch and sugars mobilization during priming against Plectosphaerella cucumerina and Botrytis cinerea diseases and also in characterizing the citrus immune responses against the two spotted spider mite Tetranychus urticae. His group has currently an associated research unit with the Estación Experimental del Zaidín (CSIC, Granada, Spain) with the focus in the mycorrhiza-induced resistance against insects and fungal diseases. His technical focues is based in hormonal and metabolomic analysis of secondary and primary metabolites participating in immune responses.

He joined the IOBC in 2004 in the Working Group of Induced resistance in plants against insects and diseases. IN 2009 he coorganized the meeting of this working group in Granada and since then he has become an active member of the IOBC in all its meetings and activities.

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