A faunistic database as a tool for identification and selection of potential non-target arthropod species for regulatory risk assessment of GM maize


Abstract: In order to assess the similarities in arthropod species composition and abundance inmaize fields in different geographic areas of Europe, we are compiling a database of speciesfound and their ecological functions in five selected European maize producing countries (CzechRepublic, France, Germany, Hungary and Spain). Countries were selected to represent both theextent of maize production as well as relevant ecological zones in which maize is grown. Thedatabase contains information on the taxonomy, distribution, abundance and ecologicalfunction(s) of each species. By comparing the species representing particular ecological functionsand/or taxonomic groups in each country, we will determine the extent of faunal similarities ordifferences among the countries studied and identify those species that could supply the mostwidely applicable data for non-target arthropod risk assessment of GM maize. This database willhave broad utility in the EU and is designed to allow for inclusion of other world geographies infuture.

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