A new entomopathogenic nematode (Steinernematidae) from Ethiopia


Abstract: Three strains of Steinernema sp.n,, (Dero-1, Dero-8 and Mosisa-1) collected fromEthiopia were characterized based on morphological, morphometric, and molecular methods.Results confirmed that all these strains represent one undescribed species. Infective juvenile ofthe Steinernema sp.n. have a body length ranging from 906-965 μm (mean 929), eight identicalridges in lateral fields, position of excretory pore at mid of pharynx, hyaline layer occupiesapproximately half of tail, ratio c´ about 3.4. First generation males without mucron whereassecond generation possesses short spine-like mucron. Slightly arcuate spicules in golden-browncolour, with elipsoid or oblongate manubrium. First generation females without postanal swellingand with minute protuberance on the tail tip. Second generation with postanal swelling andprotruding vulva. Based on the morphology, morphometry and DNA analysis, the new speciesbelongs to the glaseri-group. The closest relative species seems to be the Afro-tropical S. kariifound in Kenya. The BLAST analysis of the ITS region of the rDNA shows a similarity of 93%with S. karii (GenBank accession number AY230173), supporting the designation to a newspecies. In maximum parsimony tree the new species groups together with S. karii which issupported by a bootstrap value of 100%.

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