Advances in remote monitoring for stored product pests


Abstract: An effective pest management program requires timely and accurate monitoring to
determine the level of pest activity, establish action thresholds, and choose appropriate control measures. Traditional monitoring techniques involve baited traps or monitoring stations that require manual counting or interpretation of results. These programs, while effective, are time consuming and cause a pest management professional to spend more time checking traps and less time addressing pest issues. Remote monitoring is a developing technology that can automate and streamline the pest management process. Remote monitoring devices are quickly becoming a powerful tool in the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) toolbox. The purpose of this work is to review the advancements in stored product pest remote monitoring and to compile a list of currently available devices, determine what sensor technology they use, and how they fit into the IoT (Internet of Things) environment. Additional advancements in Deep Learning (DL) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will soon be able to pull together and analyse data collected from a variety of devices to help make pest management decisions and even help predict issues before they arise.

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