Alternative methods to control wireworms (Agriotes spp., Coleoptera: Elateridae)in vegetable production – potential of calcium cyanamideand Metarhizium anisopliae


Abstract: Wireworms of Agriotes spp. are severe and widespread agricultural pests affectingespecially maize, potatoes and numerous vegetable crops. Within the framework of a nationalcooperation project on pest management strategies against soil insects, special emphasis wasplaced on evaluating alternative wireworm control methods for vegetable production. Therefore,the potential of calcium cyanamide and Metarhizium anisopliae was investigated. Calciumcyanamide showed a repellent but no lethal effect on late instars of Agriotes ustulatus. A SwissMetarhizium anisopliae strain revealed promising crop protection effects requiring furtherinvestigations concerning treatment reliability and commercialisation.

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