An educational perspective: pest identification poster for non-native greenhouse employees


Abstract: Scouting is a key stone of successful IPM. Many greenhouse operations have
separate “scouts” for monitoring, checking the crop and identifying the pests. However, many
places lack such a scout. This is why the people, conducting the daily routine work in the crop, should also be familiar with the different pests and the damage they cause. These workers see every spot in the crop and may notice starting infestations earlier than a scout handling the whole greenhouse enterprise. However, the greenhouse workers are often from other countries and lack a common language with the persons in charge of the greenhouse. This hampers the basic training of those new employees. The idea behind our TOP10 poster is educational: to teach the names of the pests and the damage they cause in 10 different languages which are spoken in the enterprises. The poster will be presented at the IOBC-congress 2023.

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