Analysis of artificial diet to deliver dsRNA in the western flower thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis)


Abstract: Western flower thrips (WFT), Frankliniella occidentalis, is one of the most serious crop pests worldwide, and its control represents a major challenge. The development of insecticide resistance and the unsatisfactory performance of existing control methods indicate the need for an alternative, environmental-friendly method such as RNAi. One of the first steps toward an efficient RNAi through oral delivery is to establish an efficient and effective delivery method. In this paper, we report on a bioassay with use of a liquid artificial diet in a Parafilm bubble that can later be used for instance to deliver dsRNA to WFT adults and larvae. The result was that there are no significant changes in survival and development between the artificial diet and natural food as fresh bean. Also there was no degradation of dsRNA in the liquid diet.

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