Antifungal 2-hexyl, 5-propyl resorcinol is responsible for the biocontrol ability of Pseudomonas fluorescens PCL1606


Abstract: The biocontrol rhizobacterium Pseudomonas fluorescens PCL1606 has strongantagonistic activity against many soil-borne phytopathogenic fungi, including Rosellinianecatrix, the causal agent of white root rots of many plants and Fusarium oxysporum f. sp.radicis-lycopersici, which causes the tomato foot and root rot The relevant characteristic of thisbacterium is the production of the antifungal antibiotic 2-hexyl, 5-propyl resorcinol (HPR).Analysis of this genomic clone resulted in the presence of five homologous to dar genes with anorganization that resembles to that previously described on P. aurantiaca BL915. The role ofthose dar-homologous genes in HPR production, and in the biocontrol activity is described in thiswork.

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