Aphidophagous insects in differently managed vineyards


Abstract: In this study we investigated the communities of three taxa feeding on Aphids (Diptera: Syrphidae, Coleoptera: Coccinellidae and Braconidae: Aphidiinae) in three vineyards, differently managed with regard to the grapevine moth control. Vineyards are classified as MD (Mating Disruption vineyard), O (Organic vineyard) and C (Conventional vineyard). Captures were carried out with two Malaise traps per vineyard from May to September 2012. The vegetation (trees, shrubs and herbs) growing around the traps was recorded along the whole growing season. From the data analysis it is possible to infer that the populations tend to spread in the environment (in space and time) in a manner which is consistent with the trophic resources available. Syrphidae and Coccinellidae resulted in the most abundant groups, each one with over than 4,000 specimens captured. Syrphidae and Braconidae: Aphidiinae were mainly present in the first part of the grape production season, Coccinellidae for all season long. Populations of Braconidae: Aphidinae and Syrphidae benefit of the herbaceous layers surrounding the trap sites. Coccinellidae occurrence seems linked to the presence of bushes.

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