Arthropod complexes inhabiting different levels of grassy vegetation


Abstract: Arthropods were collected separately on upper, middle and low levels of grassyvegetation. Upper complex of arthropods was sampled by sweep-netting, arthropods falling downfrom the middle part of plants were collected by small plastic containers (a new method) andarthropods active on the soil surface were collected with the help of standard pitfall traps.Container-traps with preservative liquid were put on the soil surface between plant stems. Theseplastic traps only seldom contained inhabitants of the upper level and were inaccessible forarthropods of soil surfaces. The number of arthropods falling down into 100 containers per 24 hrscould reach 300 specimens per 1m² of liquid surface. The complex of species and number ofspecimens on the middle level differed from such data on upper and low levels at the same place.Moreover, some species in containers were 10-200 times more abundant. Some species werefound only in containers. It is important to note that pitfall traps without any roof, collect not onlyarthropods active on the soil surface but also individuals falling down from plants. We supposethat this method of arthropod collecting will be used both in scientific research and in plantprotection monitoring.

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