Assessing the potential use of Coccipolipus hippodamiae, a sexually transmittedecto-parasite, as a control agent of invasive populations of the ladybird Harmonia axyridis


Abstract: Invasive populations of Harmonia axyridis pose a threat native biodiversity. Thepotential use of the sexually transmitted ectoparasite, Coccipolipus hippodamiae, has beeninvestigated as a method of population suppression, filling the role of natural enemies in thenative range. Here it is shown that C. hippodamiae is able to establish, reproduce and inducefemale sterility in a novel host. Additionally, host switching by C. hippodamiae from knownhosts to H. axyridis has been recorded in wild Polish populations. Further research must beconducted in order to accurately assess whether C. hippodamiae should be released as a biocontrolagent of British H. axyridis populations.

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