Behavior monitoring varietal of three origins of cork oak in western Algeria in soilless cultivation


Abstract: Our work aims to compare three origins of cork oak Algerian western region, forest Bissa from wilaya of Chlef, Hafir forest from Tlemcen and Nesmoth forest from Mascara. The methodology is based on soilless culture of cork oak acorns nursery for three origins and monitoring of some morphological and physiological indicators. The plants were also exposed to different levels of heat stress. The results show that the average size of the plants, the average number of leaves and the average length of seedling germination vary according to the region studied. Biometric study acorns and monitoring the growth of young plants has noted a maximum height of seedling stems of 14 cm after 64 days. Monitoring the germination of acorns shows that the tassels of Hafir forest represent the highest rate (32%) compared with acorns Bissa forest (20%) and Nesmoth (13%). The study of these different indicators, especially the stomatal density and stomatal conductance, can allow us to better differentiate the effect of varieties of each region.

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