Beneficial insects against moth and weevils in long-term grain storages in Germany, Part I: Comparison of different traps to detect S. granarius


Abstract: Long-term storages have special requirements to stored product protection. Therefore a three year project was established to improve and adjust existing biological control strategies to those conditions. To secure an early detection of pests especially of the Granary Weevil Sitophilus granarius, three different trap types were tested: plastic cups used as simple pitfall traps, pitfall cone traps with lids, and probe traps. The experiments were conducted in barrels, BigBags and silo bins. In all setups the probe trap performed best, being more sensitive to lowinfestation rates and infestations with O. surinamensis. Furthermore probe traps are not affected when grain is moved. Therefore, based on our results, probe traps should be the trap of choice.

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