Biocontrol of Rhizoctonia solani and Tecia solanivora in potato seed-tuber treated with a powder formulationbased on Trichoderma koningiopsis and baculovirus


Abstract: A biopesticide prototype consisting on a dry powder formulation based upon a combination of the Colombian isolates T. koningiopsis (TH003) and baculovirus (PhopGV -VG003) was developed to control simultaneously Rhizoctonia solani and Tecia solanivora on potato. Results showed that efficacy of the bioproduct to control both agents were at least 80% in seed-tubers stored for one month. For those seed-tubers treated with the prototype and then planted in soil infested with R. solani under greenhouse conditions, the results showed that the product had at least an 85% of efficacy. In conclusion, a formulation based on both biocontrol agents demonstrated its potential for controlling both pathogen and pest, suggesting that this approach is better than use single organisms in an Integrated Pest Management program.

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