Biodiversity of click beetles (Elateridae) in the agriculture landscapeof Saxony-Anhalt – Results of pheromone trap-monitoring


Abstract: Wireworms become more important as substantial pests in the agriculture landscape ofSaxony-Anhalt, because of the reinforced intercropping, the land set-aside, the greening, theweed infestation, the ploughing up of grassland and the reduced cultivation (Vidal & Petersen2010). In 2001 a similar Monitoring had taken place in France to proof if the occurrence ofAgriotes sordidus was spread. This species has a shortened cycle as the other ones, why theinjuries increased (Furlan 2004). That’s why a throughout Germany monitoring took place. Theiradult occurrence was evaluated by an Elateridae-Monitoring in Saxony-Anhalt in 2009 and 2010.Concerning this we had pheromone traps of Furlan from Syngenta for the species Agrioteslineatus, Agriotes obscurus, Agriotes sputator, Agriotes sordidus and Agriotes ustulatus. In 2009the traps were positioned at 4 habitats of effort and in 2010 at 5 habitats of effort in the differentgeographic natural environment in Saxony-Anhalt. The habitats were Poppau (Altmark),Giesenslage (Altmarkkreis Stendal), Quedlinburg (Harz), Bornum (Anhalt-Zerbst) andDederstedt (Mansfeld-Südharz). The occurrence of Agriotes sordidus can’t be proved in bothyears. The other species of Agriotes were found in different intensities at all habitats.

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