Biological characteristics of Heliococcus bohemicus andEricydnus sipylus in controlled conditions


Abstract: Heliococcus bohemicus is an increasing pest in vineyard in the north-east of France. Abiological control was initiated in 2007 and 2008. A study in laboratory, to measure the twoantagonist biological characteristics, the mealybug and one of its parasitoids Ericydnus sipylus,was undertaken. The description of the mealybug life cycle is led under the climatic conditions:25°C and 60% R. H. It appears that H. bohemicus has three larvae instars. Females did not lay offeggs and the larvae hatched after 23.5 days on average. The development of first and secondinstars lasted near 34 days and for the third instars it was near 14 days. The biologicalcharacteristics of the parasitoid were studied at 21°C and 50% R. H. Under these conditions thepre-imaginal development lasted 35 days and the length of adult emergence was 57 days onaverage. The fertility is equal to 15 individuals. Others parameters are studied and are explainedin the article. The method of the mass rearing is developed. The pest insect is developed onpotato tubers turned green by light.

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