Biological control of arthropod pests in outdoor crops -present statusand future challenges


Abstract: There is little use of biological control in outdoor crops. While the use of biologicalcontrol against insect and mite pests in greenhouses in Denmark had reached a high level alreadyten years ago and has managed to stay high, the use in outdoor crops remains low. The totalamount of money spent on biological control in Denmark has reduced, but this is due to fallingprices, since the amount of product used has not changed or increased slightly. However, still theuse in outdoor crops is small and is to a high degree restricted to the use of Bacillus thuringiensisagainst lepidopterans in high value vegetable and fruits, and to the use of predatory mites instrawberries and predatory bugs in pear. The present paper discusses some main drivers andbarriers decisive for the share of biological control in outdoor crops, using Denmark as an example.

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