Biological control of the box tree moth Cydalima perspectalis with Anagrapha falcifera nucleopolyhedrovirus (AnfaNPV)


Abstract: The box tree moth Cydalima perspectalis originated from East Asia. Since severalyears, it is a novel invasive insect pest in many European countries, causing widespread damageon box tree plants. The potential of the baculovirus Anagrapha falcifera nucleopolyhedrovirus(AnfaNPV) as a potential biological control agent for the control of C. perspectalis wasinvestigated in this study. Two AnfaNPV isolates, termed Dn10 and BI-235, were used. Theinfectivity of AnfaNPV Dn10 and BI-235 to C. perspectalis was evaluated by leaf disc bioassaysand the median lethal concentration (LC50) was determined for both isolates. In addition, lightand electron microscopic analyses were performed to study the infection process. In conclusion,larvae of C. perspectalis were shown to be susceptible to both AnfaNPV isolates.

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