Can recently found Brazilian hemipteran predatory bugs control Tuta absoluta?


Abstract: The tomato borer Tuta absoluta, native to western South America, is an extremelydevastating pest in tomato crops in most of South America, Europe and Africa North of the Saheland the Near East (Asia). Without control, the pest causes yield losses up to 100% and decreasesfruit quality in open field and greenhouse crops. In Brazil two other serious lepidopteran pestsoccur in tomato, as well as thrips, whitefly, mites and aphids. For control of these pests, frequentapplications of pesticides of up to 5 times per week are needed, and these resulted in theappearance of resistant populations to a number of active ingredients and caused a strongreduction of natural enemies. Biological control may offer a better opportunity for pestmanagement. Mirid predatory bugs are currently used with success in Europe to controlT. absoluta and other pests. In Brazil, three mirid predators of T. absoluta have been found andare now evaluated together with two other hemipteran predators, Geocoris punctipes and Oriusinsidiosus.

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