Carabid beetle fauna of soybean in Croatia


Abstract: The Carabid beetle fauna in soybean, Glycine max Merrill, was investigated in Croatia during 2016. Habitats sampled included two field sites in Croatia, Tovarnik in the east and Lukač in the west. Altogether, 35 species were recorded. Pitfall trapping indicated greater carabid abundance in western (Lukač), where eudominant species were Pterostichus melas italicus (Dejean, 1828), Harpalus distinguendus (Duftschmidt, 1812) and Pterostichus melanarius melanarius (Illiger, 1798). As euconstant, 11 species were identified. In the east (Tovarnik), eudominant species were Harpalus rufipes (DeGeer, 1774) and Anchomenus dorsalis (Pontoppidan, 1763), whereas H. distinguendus and H. rufipes were euconstant. On both sampling sites H. rufipes had the greatest ecological significance.

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