CeraTrap, a mass trapping system for the control of the Mediterranean fruit flyCeratitis capitata in citrus fruit crops


Abstract: The efficacy of CeraTrap (CT), a specifically developed enzymatic hydrolyzedprotein, was evaluated against standard mass trapping (STD mass trapping) and standardchemical treatments (Chemical STD) with field trials carried out in citrus orchards assessingmedfly captures and punctured fruit. Field trials were conducted on susceptible mandarintrees (Citrus reticulata cv. Esbal), orange trees (Citrus sinensis cv. Washington Navel) andclementine trees (Citrus clementina cv. Oronules) in Morocco, Italy and Spain. Field trialresults showed that CT is at least as good as those obtained with the Chemical STD or STDmass trapping without significant differences, being able to avoid damage to fruits (on treesand warehouse), with the advantage that the use of DDVP or other insecticide is unnecessary.

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