Challenges to the implementation of microbial pesticides with emphasis on entomopathogenic nematodes as biocontrol agents in Iran


Abstract: Iranian agriculture is pesticide-dependent and pest control usually involves chemical products. This extensive pesticide use is increasingly raising health, safety, and environmental concerns while at the same market demand for organic products is growing. Strong negative feedbacks to synthetic pesticide use have led to a tendency among Iranian farmers for using IPM approach by emphasis on biological control application in recent years. Biological control against agrarian pest in the country is a practice that started in 1930s. Work on microbial biopesticides in Iran has recently increased rapidly, and about 20 biopesticide products are being produced by companies. However, no registered products based on entomopathogenic nematodes are currently available. Here we will discuss about the current status of the work in term of research issue. Major challenges facing the progress of microbial pesticides use implement in the country will be another part of the presentation. Finally, some suggestions are made for the improvement of nematodes and other microbial insecticides for biological control of insect pest within IPM plans of the country.

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