Changes of insect diversity and occurrence of entomopathogenic fungi in agricultural landscape


Abstract: The most numerous basic groups of entomopathogenic fungi are entomophthorales of the genera Entomophaga, Entomophthora, Pandora, Zoophthora, Furia, Tarichium (durable forms) and not so numerous Neozygites and Eryniopsis, and about the same number of ascomycetous anamorphs belonging to the order Hypocreales, though their teleomorphs known mostly under the names Cordyceps, Torrubiella and some others appear rather seldom in the European climatic zone. The epizootic abilities were observed in about a quarter of them but a considerable number of species show potential for Integrated Pest Management. About 20 species new to science were described within the authors’ studies.

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