Characterization and storage stability of a formulation based on a ColombianSpodoptera frugiperda nucleopolyhedrovirus, SfNPV


Abstract: A formulation based on a Colombian isolate of Spodoptera frugiperdanucleopolyhedrovirus, prepared by the microencapsulation of viral occlusion bodies (OBs) with amethacrylic acid polymer was characterized to establish limits for its future quality control inmanufacture process and its stability in storage was studied. Biopesticide showed a concentrationof 109 OBs/mL, a moisture content of 1.8%, a pH of 7.1, a particle size less than 10μm, totalcontaminant content lower than 105 CFU/g and a laboratory efficacy of 94%. Insecticidal activityof formulated and unformulated virus was stable for six months of storage at 8°C and 18°C.However, a significant reduction in efficacy was observed after six months of storage at 28°C.Contaminants content in formulated virus remained under acceptation limit during storage atthree evaluated temperatures. Obtained results allowed to conclude that the developed SfNPVbiopesticide could be stored for six months at 8°C and 18°C without quality losses.

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